Concert Hall.

here used to be three event buildings on the site where the famous Berlin Concert Hall stands today: first the French Comedy Hall (1776 to 1800), then the National Theatre (1802 to 1817, destroyed by fire) and finally the theatre (1821 to 1945, destroyed in the Second World War). In 1979, reconstruction began of the building originally constructed in the Gendarmenmarkt by Karl Friedrich Schinkel. This time it was named the Concert Hall.

Musical events.

If you love culture and classical concerts, you should definitely pay a visit to the Berlin Concert Hall. It offers a wide-ranging programme whether you prefer symphonies or chamber music, musical theatre productions or children’s concerts, old or contemporary music.
The Great Hall is 45m long, 22m wide and 17.5m high and it seats 1,500 people. Of particular interest are the 28 life-size sculptures of ancient mythological figures as well as the large organ with 74 stops and 5,801 pipes.
There are also two smaller concert halls and a music club, mainly used for stage productions, readings and children’s events.

You can find details in our event calendar of future concerts at the Gendarmenmarkt, as well as on the Concert Hall homepage, where you can also buy tickets.
The Berlin Concert Hall is often the location for balls, galas and exclusive VIP events. © K. Poehls


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